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Have you or a loved one been charged with Aggravated Assault? If so, it is vital that you find an aggravated assault criminal defence lawyer who can reduce or dismiss this charge. Aggravated assault is a very serious charge with the potential for severe penalties, including life imprisonment. 

What is Aggravated Assault?

Many people use the word 'assault', but rarely understand its true meaning. Assault means a physical or intended physical contact on another individual who has not given consent. Depending on the circumstances, an assault crime can be a very serious incident and takes many forms, from sexual assault to domestic assault. Aggravated Assault is listed in Canada's Criminal Code as follows:

"... commits an aggravated assault who wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers the life of the complainant."

Under these circumstances, aggravated assault occurs when the reported victim has been left with severe or life-threatening injuries. They may have suffered disfigurement, usually at the cause of a weapon such as a knife or firearm. The incident also happens when the person lacks foresight, meaning they ignore the consequences of their actions. 

Penalties for this charge can be extremely severe. Under Canadian Law, Aggravated Assault is an indictable offence, meaning it is the most serious of crimes. As a result, you or your loved one might face up to 14 years in jail if found guilty. 

Find an Aggravated Assault Lawyer

For this reason, it is essential that you find an Aggravated Assault Criminal Defence Lawyer who understands the severity of this charge and is able to work alongside you to form a strong defence. 

If you are charged with aggravated assault, you must work quickly to find professional legal help that can clear your name. Fighting this charge can prove difficult, particularly when there is physical evidence from the victim. But with the right aggravated assault lawyer and a solid defence, your sentence could be reduced or even removed from court. 

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