Fraud Defence Lawyer

Unlike theft, fraud does not use force to take another person’s property. Generally, it means the victim is tricked into giving you the goods you want, such as money, possessions, even bank information.

Fraud is categorized in two parts: Fraud under $5,000 and Fraud over $5,000.

Legally, if you are being charged with fraud under $5,000, there are two ways this can be brought to court, as a criminal act or as a civil act. In civil cases, the plaintiff will sue you to get their possessions back and for damages incurred. However, in a criminal case, the stakes are greater and will require a good Fraud Lawyer to defend you. If found guilty of criminal fraud it’s not just a fine, but possible jail time and a criminal record. In some cases, though with a strong defense the penalty may be lessened if the defendant is willing to pay back the money that was taken, but that’s not a guarantee.

Charges of Fraud over $5000 carry much heftier consequences, this type of fraud is criminal, and you may face up to two years in jail if convicted.

There are so many types of Fraud and they vary in severity, but they can include:

  • Credit card fraud: the victim provides the number under wrong pretenses and it is used for purchases of any kind.
  • Insurance fraud: the amount of damage to a vehicle or property is exaggerated to receive more money from the insurance company
  • Asset fraud: which simply means you claimed costs for business that did not actually occur or generating expenses that never took place to get more money from the company.
  • Identity fraud: this is the most common where crucial data is collected and used for purchases or transfer of funds to fraudulent accounts.

The long-term ramifications of criminal fraud charges go beyond just jail time, it can mean a lack of job prospects, or loss of your current job. Even everyday activities that require background checks like renting an apartment or travel may face an obstacle.

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