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Have you been charged with human trafficking? Human trafficking is a very serious offence under the Criminal Code that has mandatory minimum sentences. It is important to contact a human trafficking criminal lawyer today to protect your interests.

Human trafficking charges may be laid when an individual recruits, transports, receives, holds, conceals, transfers or harbours another individual. It is when control or influence is exercised over the movement of another individual for the purposes of exploiting them. Human trafficking is a very serious offence which is why we suggest you contact one of our human trafficking criminal lawyers immediately. A case like this requires significant knowledge, experience and time to properly represent your interests in court. We suggest you do not fight this charge alone and hire representation by What The Law today.

Depending on the circumstances, when charged with human trafficking it is likely you may be charged with related offences under the Criminal Code as well. Related offences you may be charged with are assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement, extortion, sexual exploitation and other prostitution-related offences and organized crime-related offences. These charges that can result from allegations of human trafficking also carry severe consequences where some offences also have mandatory minimum jail sentences if you are convicted.

Find a Human Trafficking Defence Lawyer

If you have been charged with human trafficking offences, you must act quickly to find an experienced human trafficking defence lawyer who can help clear your name. At What The Law, our lawyers are experienced in handling human trafficking cases, our mission is find you the best defence possible. With 24/7 availability and a flexible payment scheme, we strive to put our clients and their defence first.