Impaired/Over 80 mg Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm

Causing harm to someone while you were DUI is a stressful experience for yourself and the victim. If you have been charged with drunk driving causing bodily harm, the right legal representation can make this process simpler and ensure that your rights are respected. The experienced impaired driving lawyers at What The Law can help you.

Drunk Driving Causing Bodily Harm

There must be an accident for the police to charge you with impaired driving causing bodily harm. Further, if you have a blood alcohol level (BAC) over 80 mg, you cannot be charged with the lesser offence of careless driving. Instead, you’ll face the more serious charge of impaired driving with a blood alcohol level over 80 mg.

Impaired driving causing bodily harm is still a hybrid offence, which means the Crown prosecutor has a choice to pursue your case as a summary or indictable offence. The penalties are smaller if they choose summary and higher if they choose indictable.

If you are convicted of impaired (over 80 mg BAC) dangerous driving causing bodily harm, you may face:

  • Maximum jail time of 2 years (summary) or fourteen years (indictment) depending on the severity of the injuries
  • A suspended licence for 1 year at a minimum
  • A fine of $1,000
  • Being labelled a high-risk driver by insurance companies for roughly 5 years
  • A criminal record

These penalties may be higher the second time and subsequent times you are convicted for this offence.

If those who were harmed in the accident pass away at a later date (from their accident-related injuries), the charges may be raised to impaired driving causing death. This is an indictable offence, with even higher penalties.

DUI Lawyer for Drunk Driving Causing Bodily Harm

Your impaired driving lawyer will look at the facts of your case and determine which defences are best for your case. Many strong defences may be available to you, as the Crown prosecutor has a lot to prove in these cases. For example, they need to prove that you drove the vehicle and caused the accident. Together, you and your DUI lawyers will decide on the best defence available to you.

To protect yourself, use your right to remain silent and then call or text What The Law. If you did make a statement, our experienced DUI lawyers might be able to get your statement excluded in court. The earlier you contact us, the more support we can provide to you through this trying time.