Manslaughter Charges | Manslaughter Criminal Defence Lawyers

Are you or a loved one currently facing a manslaughter charge? If so, you must act quickly. Manslaughter is an extremely serious charge and it is vital that you find a manslaughter criminal defence lawyer to help defend your case.

What is Manslaughter?

Manslaughter is used to describe 'culpable homicide' that is not deemed to be a murder. In most cases, manslaughter occurs when an individual did not intend to cause the death of a victim. 

Due to the sensitive nature of manslaughter trials, it is not always clear whether a killing is a murder or an act of manslaughter. For the accused, it can be difficult to prove they had no intention of killing the victim. For this reason, it is extremely important that you have an experienced Manslaughter Criminal Defence Lawyer to defend your case. Without a Manslaughter Lawyer by your side, the court may charge you with murder and potentially sentence you to life imprisonment.

The penalties for manslaughter vary significantly depending on the circumstances of your case. There is no minimum sentence to this charge, but the court does have the option to sentence you to life imprisonment. In most cases, sentences tend to fall within 4-10 years. Additional charges such as the misuse of firearms can extend this sentence further or push back parole eligibility. 

Manslaughter Lawyers

Manslaughter charges are serious and require your full attention. As an indictable offence, they are recognized as the most serious of crimes under Canadian law. If you are facing manslaughter charges, What The Law can help you! Our professional manslaughter criminal defence lawyers have plenty of experience defending clients with great success. From the start of your free consultation with us, we will give you full transparency. Our ethos is to always put clients first, and so our manslaughter lawyers will work alongside you with 24/7 availability. We believe everyone has the right to the best defence, and therefore we offer flexible payment plans and no hidden fees. Our priority is clearing your name!