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Are you currently facing a murder charge? Murder is the most serious of crimes and is an extremely difficult charge to face alone for both you and your loved ones. If you are facing this charge, having a Murder Criminal Defence Lawyer by your side must be your top priority.

What is Murder Charge?

Murder is recognized under Canadian law as a form of culpable homicide, broadly meaning the killing of another person. Murder charges can take two forms. Firstly, there are first-degree murders. These criminal acts involve a deliberate intention to kill another human being. In some cases, certain homicides are automatically considered to be 1st degree murders, including if the victim was a police officer on duty.

When the killing of a victim was not seen as deliberate or planned, then it is regarded as a 2nd degree murder. Situations such as using violence to injure somebody, knowing that this violence could cause death, are often classed as 2nd degree murders. 

What are the penalties for a Murder Charge?

Although sentences for murder charges depend on how they are categorized, they are often severe and life-changing. Both degrees are classed under Canadian law as indictable offences, the most serious of offences in Canadian law. Indictable offences are frequently the most difficult to defend, especially alone. It is therefore strongly recommended that you seek help from a murder criminal lawyer with the experience and knowledge to guide you through this challenging process.  

If you are convicted of a 1st degree murder, then it is very likely you will receive a life sentence. A life sentence is the harshest of all penalties and involves an imprisonment of at least 25 years, without any parole. If you are facing multiple murder charges, the court has the option to sentence you consecutively, with some notable sentences exceeding 50 years. For this reason, it is vital to find a Murder Lawyer who will work quickly to find you the best defence possible and reduce your charges. Acting now could save you years of your future. 

Although 2nd degree murders are not intentional, they also carry significant penalties. People convicted of 2nd degree murder can expect a minimum of 10 years imprisonment with no parole, and potentially a life sentence in certain circumstances. Again, these charges can be significantly reduced or even dropped with the right Murder Criminal Defence Lawyer. 

Murder Defence Lawyers

At What The Law, we believe every individual has the right to the best defence possible. Our team of experienced Murder Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help defend your name in court. We consistently put our clients first, offering full transparency from your very first free consultation. Our service knows no limits and we are available 24/7 to help you.