Robbery Lawyer | Robbery Defence Lawyer

Like theft, robbery is the intent to take another person’s possessions without their consent, but it is taken to another level by the addition of violence to the act. For that reason, robbery is automatically considered an indictable offence, meaning there will be a trial and if convicted some very serious or automatic penalties that will be applied.

A person under investigation for robbery is assumed to have stolen property while using violence, threats or a weapon while committing the crime.

If a restricted or prohibited firearm was used during the robbery, the accused faces a minimum sentence of five years. However, if there is more than one offence charged there is an additional seven years for each additional charge.

The severity of the penalty depends on the value of the goods, the sentence for good under $5,000 value is less than goods valued over $5,000.

Since both the elements of theft and assault, as well as all the various factors during the investigation period must be proven and factual, some people facing a robbery charge may be found not guilty if one of the elements is not proven.

An experienced robbery lawyer may focus having the weapons charge removed, to downgrade the charge to theft, thereby lessening the penalty associated. This of course depends on the type of weapon used during the robbery and the way it was used.

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