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Have you, or a loved one, been charged with Domestic Assault? If so, it is essential that you find a domestic assault criminal defence lawyer near you to help defend your case. Domestic Assault is a very serious crime and it is extremely difficult to defend without a professional lawyer by your side.

What is Domestic Assault?

Domestic Assault refers to a physical form of abuse or unwanted contact with another member of a household. Domestic Assault can also be applied to reported cases of psychological abuse, property damage and personal threats. This could be a spouse, a loved one or a cohabitant. The assault can also be sustained abuse, or a single event. The law does not discriminate or favour any gender, with victims and aggressors being both men and women.

Domestic Assault Charges can be difficult to defend alone, because they happen at home where there are few witnesses or little evidence. For this reason, it is important to have a Domestic Assault Criminal Defence Lawyer, who can help build your defence and argue your case in court. 

What are the consequences of Domestic Assault?

Domestic Assault in Canada is a serious crime, and penalties vary depending on the circumstances. If found guilty, you will receive a criminal record, limiting many future options and opportunities for you. Other penalties involve hefty fines, probation, house arrest and even imprisonment.

Domestic Assault in Ontario is unique to the rest of Canada. In order to protect a reported victim, the individual accused of domestic assault can be forcibly separated from their family, having zero contact with their loved ones until the case is examined in court. This makes it challenging and stressful for the accused, particularly if they have children. Therefore, it is vital to contact a domestic assault lawyer as soon as possible in order to prevent this. 

Our Domestic Assault Lawyers

At What The Law, our Domestic Assault Lawyers go above and beyond to protect and defend our clients. We firmly believe that everybody has the right to the best defence. Unlike many other lawyers, we offer flexibility to our clients, regardless of their current situation and financial background. With flexible payment plans, no hidden fees and 24/7 availability, our clients can be reassured that they are receiving the best defence possible. We understand how stressful a Domestic Assault Charge can be, so we offer full transparency, simplifying all the complicated legal terms and processes to lift the burden off you.

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