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Mustafa Sheikh
WTL Founder

Mustafa Sheikh

I am the Owner and Founder of WhatTheLaw – a leading criminal defence law firm in Ontario. I have a large team of experienced criminal lawyers whose sole purpose is to ensure every client gets the justice they deserve. 

  • We Handle all Criminal Charges across all Courthouses in Ontario
  • We offer Flat Rate Fees with Flexible Payment Plans
  • We accept Legal Aid Certificates

I’ve always been a strong believer in the presumption of innocence, your right to representation and the right to a fair process. That is why I created a strong legal team with like-minded lawyers who are solely in the business to advocate on your behalf and fight tirelessly for your rights. 

We also offer Free Initial Consultations

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Highly Rated Criminal Lawyer

5 star lawyer
5.0 Rating | 300+ Reviews
3 Best Lawyers Award
3 Best Lawyers Award 3 Best Lawyers Award

The best lawyer of my life. He did everything for me and saved my life. I was short money and he never made that an issue. The guy is the real deal and is very different for all the right reasons . I wish him all the luck in the world. Mustafa Sheikh from what the law is the best.


I would highly recommend Mustafa to anyone. He is very professional and his work is out of this world. He helped me with my case and went above and beyond for me. I talked to many lawyers but he stood out. I was right to trust him. Please if anyone needs a good lawyer contact him. Thanks again brother


Honestly, I wish I could give Mustafa and his team @ WhatTheLaw more than five stars for everything that they have done for me. Ever since I handed my case over to him he has treated me like a little brother and comforted me through times where I was overly stressed. He took care of my case withe ease and I will recommend him to anyone who asks for a professional lawyer.


Mustafa Sheikh. What can i say other than he is the Kobe Bryant of lawyers. He treats you like family from the moment you make that first call. Hes a very hardworking individual, & even better person. He does what he says hes going to do. He told me he would get my charges dropped & thats what he did. Hes a man of his word. He is also very fair and affordable. I was in a hard place and he worked on my budget. If you need a lawyer do not hesitate HE IS THE MAN TO CALL. For everything hes done he will forever be apart of my family.


Mustafa Sheikh is an amazing lawyer not only did he comfort me when I was stressed but he promised me he would get the case dropped, in which he did. He came up with a plan that worked perfectly.I recommend him to anyone I know. Mustafa is a true professional and a very knowledge lawyer, thank you for all your hard work and getting the job done.


Mustafa Sheikh from Whatthelaw handled my complicated case with absolute skill, dedication, and excellent knowledge. I honestly could not have wished for a better or even expected a better lawyer within Ontario to handle my case. He stood by my side no matter what circumstances came up and always remained on task, informing me of every critical detail, reassuring me whenever it felt like things seemed very serious, and most of all he kept his word with excellent professionalism.


I highly recommend the service provide by Mustafa , he is trustworthy, honest and straightforward. He promised me something and he did it well.also his fees very reasonable and flexible.You won't regret with his service at all.


Hands down the best lawyer ever, was able to get all my charges withdrawn. Very Highly recommended. Amazing guy handles everything precisely, his knowledge of law is impeccable. No one could beat his services.


Mustafa Sheikh is to law what Michael Jordan is to basketball! #oneofthegreats.


I got into a bit of a situation and mustafa made sure everything was sorted. He is very honest, fair, treats you like a brother, and most of all he is not a liar. His team are very professional and they dropped my charges all together. Thanks to them I dont have a criminal record and I would recommend him to anyone whose got themselves in a sticky situation.


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